When it comes to accessibility, CitizenLab daily strives to be compliant with the WCAG 2.1 guidelines. We also keep a close eye on the implementation deadlines of the EU Web Accessibility Directive. 

To continuously ensure we are still complying with this standard when updating the platform and building new functionalities, we constantly have automatic tests running in our development environment.

What exactly does this all mean in practice?

  • The platform is always fully keyboard navigable. This is important for people with a motor impairment for whom navigating with a mouse is difficult or impossible.
  • We give images a so-called ‘alt attribute’, a self-chosen verbatim description of the image that can be read by screen readers, computers for the visually impaired.
  • We add a description to each button and label all input fields, for these same screen readers.
  • In addition, we work with strong colour contrasts to make text easy to read for everyone. On our platforms, we offer municipalities the possibility to choose colours that match their own branding. However, if this compromises the readability of the platform, they will receive an accessibility warning. We can help you with choosing the right colours if needed. Users today don't have the possibility to change colours.
  • Finally, we don't have built-in functionality to increase font sizes. Users can, however, always use their browser to increase the font size (e.g. by using a shortcut like command/ctrl and +).

Note that due to new European legislation full Website Accessibility Directive compliance will be in effect on September 23th 2019.

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