There are several places where you can customize your platform with images to make your platform more engaging and communicate the right look and feel. This article discusses some guidelines on image sizes and considerations in choosing a good image.

Because our platforms are responsive, they display the images differently based on whether you're on a desktop, a tablet or a mobile phone. The homepage banner, which takes up the entire width of your page, will display differently on a wide screen monitor than a mobile phone. We don't size these images down proportionately as some images would then often become too small to be legible on a mobile device.

As a result, we always recommend that you use images that have the most important content centered in the middle of the image so that the content displays well both in landscape format and as a square. This way, as the image sizes up and down based on the device, the content will remain visually appealing.

We also do not recommend adding any text to your images. Not only is this better for accessibility and readability, but any text is likely to get cropped at different browser sizes. Think of your images as providing visual interest rather than critical content - you can use the title and description fields to convey written information and add additional images to your project and folder descriptions if you'd like to provide more information for your platform visitors.

The below table outlines the recommended sizes for the different images on your platform. Again, we suggest that you make sure the most important content is at the center of the image as it may be cropped at different ratios depending on the users' device and browser size.


Where it can be found

Ideal dimensions


Displayed on the top left of your navigation menu

Minimum height of 45 pixels; no width minimum or maximum

Homepage banner

Displayed at the top of your homepage

3:1 ratio (e.g., 1440x480), may be displayed as approximately 1:1 on mobile phones

Project/folder card

Displayed on your homepage to represent a project

1:1 ratio, may be displayed as approximately 2:1 or 3:1 on mobile phones

Project/folder header

Displayed on the top of your project or folder page

5:1 ratio (e.g., 952x240), may be displayed as approximately 2:1 on mobile phones

Idea image

Displayed on the project page and the idea page

1:1 ratio, may be displayed as approximately 2:1 or 3:1 on mobile phones

Format: Images should be a png or jpg and maximum of 5 MB in size

💡 Having trouble finding a good image? Copyright-free image galleries such as pexels and unsplash can often be a good starting point.

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