Bulk import ideas and input (or locations) into your project

Importing ideas gathered (offline) can be done in bulk. Simply add the ideas in the sheet and we'll import them for you into the platform.

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When you've collected a long list of inputs during an offline event that you'd like to centralise on your platform or when you have a list of other content that you'd like to import in one of your projects (as a list or on a map), you can easily do so by simply filling out the Excel sheet included in this article and forwarding it to support@citizenlab.co.

Rules to follow when filling out the Excel sheet:

  • The columns with red descriptions are mandatory, the others are optional

  • A title can contain maximum 80 characters

  • An image linked to an image url can be max. 10 MB for quality reasons.

  • If an idea doesn't have a date in the sheet, we'll use the date on which we imported the idea

  • Don't worry if the list is not complete or if an idea lacks an image. You can always easily edit your imported ideas afterwards on the platform

  • One sheet must have at least 30 ideas. If there are fewer than 30 ideas, the ideas must be created manually through the platform instead.

  • One sheet cannot have more than 500 ideas, if you have more than 500 ideas, you’ll need to provide multiple sheets, each with at most 500 ideas.

Important things to check when the sheet is filled in:

  • Make sure there are no spaces behind the email addresses

  • Format the date with dashes and not hyphens

  • Only include one image per idea (with a link that ends with .jpeg, .jpg or .png)

  • Make sure the geo-coordinates are correctly formatted

  • When adding tags, make sure they match exactly (capital letters, spaces,...) with the wording of the tags on the platform

Download the Excel sheet here, fill it out, send it to support@citizenlab.co, and mention in which project of your platform we should import it.

Once we have received your file, depending on whether the sheet has or has not been correctly filled out, it may take up to 10 working days before we can complete the import.

Need help or support? Don’t hesitate to get in touch via support@citizenlab.co.

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