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Bulk import ideas and input (or locations) into your project via an Excel file
Bulk import ideas and input (or locations) into your project via an Excel file

Importing offline results can be done in bulk. Add them to the excel sheet available in the project and import them in a matter of seconds

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Importing ideas or survey responses gathered (offline) can be done in bulk. Simply add the ideas or survey responses to the excel sheet available within the project context and import them in a matter of seconds.

Access to this feature depends on your plan.

Accessing the fillable Idea/input or survey .xlsx template

If you have ideas/inputs or survey responses collected offline that you’d like to bring into a particular phase of a project of your online platform, you’ll first need to download the excel idea/survey template we have generated for you.

To access the template for an ideation phase: head over to the ‘Input form’ tab for the phase in the back office and click on ‘Download an Excel Template’.

How to access template for ideation

How to access the template for ideation

For downloading a fillable template to import survey responses, head over to the survey tab and click on the three dots of the right hand menu. In the dropdown, select “Download an excel template”

How to access template for surveys

How to access the template for surveys

Filling out the .xlsx idea/input template

Row 2 in the template includes an example of how the template is meant to be filled out. Please, go over it before trying to input your own data. Keep in mind that:

If you are trying to import ideas:

  • The idea title and description columns are mandatory

    • A title can contain maximum 80 characters

  • If an idea doesn't have a date in the sheet, we'll use the date on which we imported the idea

  • Don't worry if the list is not complete or if an idea lacks an image. You can always easily edit your imported ideas afterwards on the platform

  • Make sure the geo-coordinates are correctly formatted like in the example provided

  • When adding tags, make sure they match exactly (capital letters, spaces,...) with the wording of the tags on the platform

  • Only include one image per idea (with a link that ends with .jpeg, .jpg or .png)

For both surveys or idea importing:

  • If you have collected First name(s); Last name and Email address for the submitter, make sure to add an “x” to the ‘Permission’ column so that we upload their personal information into the online platform when importing their idea/survey submission

  • Make sure there are no spaces behind the email addresses

  • Format the date with dashes and not hyphens

Importing the .xlsx idea/input template

To import ideas, head over to the input manager tab for the phase an click on ‘Import’.

To import survey response, head over to the ‘survey’ tab and click on ‘Import’

Within the Importer, select ‘Import Excel file’.

If your excel file contains personal information (e.g. name, last name, email) check the consent box so we can upload such information into the online platform.

Once imported, your inputs/survey responses will show up in our Importer UI. At that point in time your ideas/survey responses will be in ‘draft’ format. It’s only when you ‘Approve’ them that they will be added to the phase as participation, and will show up in your input manager, survey results, etc.

Ideas imported and approved will have an ‘imported’ tag

Need help or support? Don’t hesitate to get in touch via the chat button on your platform 💬

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