When you've collected a long list of inputs during an offline event that you'd like to centralise on your platform or when you have a list of other content that you'd like to import in one of your project (as a list or on a map), you can easily do it by simply filling in the Excel sheet attached to this article and we'll import them for you.

Rules to follow when filling-in the Excel sheet:

  • 3 rows (Title, Body, Email) are mandatory, the rest is optional

  • If an idea doesn't have a date in the sheet, we'll use the date on which we imported the idea

  • Don't worry if the list is not complete or if an idea lacks an image. You can always easily edit your imported ideas afterwards on the platform

Download the Excel sheet here, fill it in and send it to support@citizenlab.co and mention in which project of your platform we should import it.

Need help or support? Don’t hesitate to get in touch via support@citizenlab.co.

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