Embedding your Typeform survey in a project (phase)
Learn how to embed your Typeform survey link in the platform and directly access your results
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A good way to ask for the opinion of the visitors of your platform is using surveys. You can add a survey on your platform in both projects with timeline and projects without timeline

  • Project with timeline: choose 'Survey' as participation method in a timeline phase

  • Project without timeline: 'Survey' is the overall method in this project

You can first read this article on the general set-up of a survey project.

Have you chosen Typeform as your survey tool? Great, that's our favorite choice! Here are the steps you need to follow to embed your Typeform survey into the platform.

0. Receive access to your Typeform Pro Workspace

With CitizenLab, you get access to a Premium account on Typeform, to start creating professional surveys you can directly integrate in the CitizenLab platform.

Read this article first if you haven't received access to our Typeform Pro account yet.

1. Create your survey inside Typeform ('Start form scratch' or 'Use a template')

Here you can watch a short video on how to get started with Typeform.

2. Get the Survey Embed URL of your survey 

You can find your embed URL in your Typeform survey by clicking on Share (at the top of the page) > Link > Copy the link

Note: Typeform gives the option to customize the URL. Don't use this option because our platform will not recognize a customized URL. The users won't see the URL of the survey when you have embedded it on our platform.

Important: if you are using hidden fields, remove the end of the link before copying the embed URL. For instance:

3. Paste the Survey Embed URL on your CitizenLab platform

Depending on whether your project has a timeline or not, you can past the url either in a specific phase of a project, or immediately inside the project. Save your project, and your survey will appear on the project page

4. Link your survey results to the registered users of your platform

When a registered user takes a Typeform survey, you can automatically add either their email or their user ID to the survey results, by including Hidden Fields when creating your survey, and restricting access to your survey project for registered users only. These hidden fields automatically add the user’s registration data (email or user ID) to the survey results.

5. Accessing the results directly on your platform

For each project with a Typeform survey in it, the results of that survey will be directly accessible on the platform. You can export the survey results as an .xslx file in the project tab 'Survey Results'.

6. A few design tips

  • Remove the "Powered by Typeform" branding

Do you wan to remove the "Poweredy by Typeform" text on your survey's pages?

To remove this, click on the following settings when creating your Typeform survey (left column) :

  • Don't include a Welcome Screen

When creating your Typeform survey, you could start by including a "Welcome Screen" (as shown below), but we don't recommend this. Why? It requires participants to click on an extra "Start" button (on this Welcome page) before they can actually start taking the survey. This will have a negative impact on the response volume as it creates an extra barrier for participation. Instead, we advise you to immediately start the survey with your first question, and include the introduction to the survey in your project description on the platform.

7. Do you have any support questions on Typeform?

You can contact the CitizenLab support service, or you can also visit the Typeform Help Center, and even contact the Typeform support service, mentioning you have a Workspace under the CitizenLab account.

Need help or support? Don’t hesitate to get in touch via support@citizenlab.co.

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