A good way to ask for the opinion of the visitors of your platform is using surveys. You can add a survey on your platform in both projects with timeline and projects without timeline

  • Project with timeline: choose 'Survey' as participation method in a time phase
  • Project without timeline: 'Survey' is the overall method in this project

Here's the steps you need to take to activate a survey on your platform:

  1. Ask CitizenLab to send you an invitation to get access to the PRO-environment of of Typeform (1 - our preference!) or create an account on Google Forms (2)
  2. Create your survey inside Typeform ('Start form scratch' or 'Use a template') or Google Forms 
  3. Get the Survey Embed URL of your survey 
  4. Paste the Survey Embed URL on your CitizenLab platform: either immediately inside a project, either in a specific phase of a project
  5. The survey appears inside the phase or project page

Typeform: how to? 

After accepting the invitation that we send you, iInside Typeform you'll get access to your Workspace that will be given the name of your organisation. In that Workspace you can create as many surveys as you like.

Getting the Survey Embed URL

In your Typeform survey: Click on Share  > Link > Copy the link

For this example, the Survey Embed URL  is https://citizenlabco.typeform.com/to/YAUiO3 

If you're using hidden fields (cf. below), make sure to exclude those from your link.

E.g. when using 'email' as a hidden field, your embed url should not be 'https://citizenlabco.typeform.com/to/YAUiO3?email=xxxxx' but 'https://citizenlabco.typeform.com/to/YAUiO3' instead.'

Link your survey results to the users of your platform!

Make sure to link the answers in your survey to the users that register on your platform. When you add a survey to a project or project timeline phase, make sure that the survey is only accessible for 'registered users'. This means that people have to register/log in to be able to fill in the survey. In the survey results you'll also see the linked e-mail of the user that filled in the survey.

Here's what you need to do after you embedded the survey url

1/ On your platform, make sure you only give participation rights to survey to 'registered users' only**

*If that group doesn't exist yet, first create the 'smart group' of users (condition 'registration date is not empty'.

The group will now appear in the dropdown:

2/ Inside Typeform, make sure you add 'hidden field' as question type while building your survey

Do this by simply typing the word 'email' after you added that question type 'hidden field'

You're done now. This allows you to link the user to a specific survey results. CitizenLab will now pass down the email from signed in users. More info

Accessing the results directly on your platform

For each project with a Typeform survey in it, the results of that survey will be accessible on the platform directly. You can download them as an .xslx file in the project tab 'Survey Results'.

Google Forms: how to? 

Getting the Survey Embed URL

In your Google Form Survey: Click on Send  > Share via Embed

For this example, the Survey Embed URL is https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdfWc-llHDTkiyyM8ih-NNyfzqjjilVA73cLUOWISq0uMFV0Q/viewform?embedded=true
This means that, when copying the 'Embed HTML', you will need to remove the first part (<iframe = src=") and the remaining part (starting from " width=).

Unfortunately, contrary to Typeform, Google Forms does not support passing of custom variables to embedded surveys.  This means that Typeform allows us to invisibly track the email of users when they are logged in on the platform while taking the survey. Neither can we make the Google Forms results directly accessible on the platform

TIP: When using opinion scales in Google Forms, try to limit it to 6 options (e.g. from 0 to 5) to obtain an optimal mobile experience for your survey.

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