Promoting the existence of your platform, immediately after the launch, is important. 

We offer you different ways to do this. 

A designed invitation card / postcard: 

  • to send by post to your stakeholders (in a letter of by email)
  • to add to your newsletter

Images: two examples of the postcard we can customize and offer you

A official invitation letter:

  • to send by post to your stakeholders (add them to an envelope you send out anyway)
  • to copy in your newsletter

Image: an example of the invitation letter we can customise and send to you

An interactive widget: 

  • to put on the homepage of the website of your organisation
  • read more here

A banner image: 

  • to use on the Facebook page of your organisation/city/municipality

A project image: 

  • to share in posts on social media (Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, ….) 
  • to send to the press

A template press release: to send to the press


Interested in all this? 

Just hand us the following information and we’ll send you all this material asap

  • Your customized url
  • Title (max. 200 characters, explaining what the platform is all about. Focus on a 'call to action')
  • The name of the responsable person (mayor, counsellor, project manager, ...) to add to the invitation card or letter.

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