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What are the different roles on the platform?

Visitor - User - Participant - Project manager - Folder manager - Admin

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These are different roles platform users can have:


a person who simply views the platform and doesn't login or register


a person who has registered on the platform


a person who takes an action in a project or who follows a project

a person who has the rights to manage a project

a person who has the rights to manage a folder, and all of the projects within the folder


a person with an administrator account and access to the whole admin panel

What can project managers do?

A Project Manager can modify the settings for the project they’ve been assigned to - including changing the project title and description and assigning access rights for the project. They can also create workshops, view and give an “official reply” to the inputs contributed to their project.

Learn more about setting up a project in this support article.

Track project metrics and KPIs

Under the tab 'Participants' a project manager can check certain data from participants. Here the data is shown about the age and the gender of participants. This data comes from the default registration fields 'Gender' and 'Year of birth' that are enabled by default on platforms.

Note: if those default registration fields are disabled this data will not be shown in the 'Participants' tab.

Under 'Select a period' the data about participants can be filtered in a specific time range. This can be particularly useful if you want to see data about participants in a certain phase of the project.

In this dashboard project managers can also see when the inputs, comments and reactions were posted.

Under the tab 'Traffic' a project manager can check where the visitors and participants come from. Under 'Select a period' the data about the traffic sources can be filtered in a specific time range. This can be particularly useful if you want to see data about participants in a certain phase of the project.


Under the tab 'Messaging' project managers can email the participants of the project.

Under 'Sender and recipient' -> 'From' you can select what recipients see as the sender of the email. Here you can choose if the email is send from the personal account of the project manager or if the email comes from a general sender (it shows the name of the platform)

Under 'Replies should go to' you can choose what email address should receive direct replies from users on your email.

From the Project Messaging tab you can only email all project participants. To email other participants or subsets of users go to the Platform Messaging tab (only available for admins).


Under the tab 'Events' project managers can add events to their project. Once people signed up for a certain event, project managers can export the list of attendees.

Learn more about events in this support article.

What can folder managers do?

Above everything a project manager can do a folder managers can modify the description and settings of a folder. They can create new projects within that folder, and automatically receive project manager rights for any projects within their folders (although platform admin can revoke those rights).

Folder managers cannot delete projects. If they would like to delete a project, they will need to ask a platform administrator to do so. They can also set any projects they do not wish to keep to "draft" so that it is not publicly visible.

Access to data

As of May 2024, project managers and admins have access to the same user data per project they are assigned to. If for instance a project manager manages a project to collect input the project manager will be able to see the user data (name, last name, email, + user fields/demographic information) along with the participation data (e.g. input submitted) in the dashboards in the project and also in the exports that are available in the back-end of the project.

This is the case for all methods except the voting method: for this method we are accepting ‘convention’ and understanding that the participants expect their name+last name+email to not be linked to their vote. Therefore the vote export, only includes demographic information (but not personally identifiable information like the name, last name, or email).

The 'user tab' is only visible to admins

How do I give someone a project or project folder manager role?

You can assign project managers to a project in the Access Rights tab of the project.

You can assign folder managers to a folder in the Permissions tab of the folder.

Removing managing rights

There are 2 ways to remove managing rights:

  • Go the relevant project, click on 'Project settings' and go to the 'Access rights'. Under 'Project management' you can remove a project manager.

  • In the User tab, search for the relevant manager. In the column 'Role' click on 'Assigned items' and click on 'Remove' next to the relevant project.

This can only be done by admins.


A participant is someone who did one of the following: posting input, reacting to input, reacting to input, commenting on input, voted, volunteering, attendance of events and following a project or input.

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