What are the different roles on the platform?

Visitor - User/Participant - Project admin - Folder admin - Admin

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These are different roles platform users can have:


a person who simply views the platform and doesn't login or register

User / Participant

a person who has registered on the platform

a person who has the rights to manage a project

a person who has the rights to manage a folder, and all of the projects within the folder


a person with an administrator account and access to the whole admin panel

What can project managers do?

A Project Manager can modify the settings for the project they’ve been assigned to - including changing the project title and description and assigning access rights for the project. They can also create workshops, view and give an “official reply” to the ideas contributed to their project. However, they cannot see any user information, or create manual or smart groups, nor send emails.

Note: when Project Managers export data from a project, such as ideas and comments, the spreadsheet will not include the author's email addresses. This is because Project Managers are not given access to participant data.

The below screenshot shows the tabs that Project Managers have access to within the admin panel.

What can folder managers do?

Folder managers can modify the description and settings of a folder. They can create new projects within that folder, and automatically receive project manager rights for any projects within their folders (although platform admin can revoke those rights).

Folder managers cannot delete projects. If they would like to delete a project, they will need to ask a platform administrator to do so. They can also set any projects they do not wish to keep to "draft" so that it is not publicly visible.

How do I give someone a project or project folder manager role?

You can assign project managers to a project in the Access Rights tab of the project.

You can assign folder managers to a folder in the Permissions tab of the folder.

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