Providing feedback and managing inputs + 📹

Learn how to use the input manager to give feedback on collected input, to update statuses, add tags and move input between project phases.

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How do you keep your project up-to-date and alive? You can manage the input in your project easily. Both on the front-end (visible to all participants, for transparency and feedback purposes) and in the admin panel (only visible for admins and project managers, for reporting and content management purposes).

To maintain a high quality, managing your project should be done manually by a project manager or platform admin. Next to that, your platform also contains a lot of automated notifications.

Effective project management entails:


Visible to other?

distribute responsibilities


update content, add pdf's, images and video


use comments, feedback, statuses, tags


spam, delete, profanity


collaborate internally


👥 Make sure to create an admin or project manager profile for management purposes: think about choosing an email address that you can share with colleagues (e.g. communication@... , participation@..., moderator@...). Other participants will only see what you enter under 'Name' and 'First name' in your profile. Learn more about this in this support article.

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