The homepage of your platform offers free spaces that you can fill with your very own content.

In this short article we're covering:

  1. The story of your home page

  2. The different versions of the banner

  3. The free space at the bottom

1. The story of your home page

The home page of your platform tells a story. Scrolling down, it tells the visitors of your platform:

  • What the platform is about & What actions to take - Banner image + banner title + banner subtitle

  • How they can navigate - Projects overview

  • Why they should participate - Free space

This story visualised:

2. The different versions of the banner

The banner's function is to show first-time visitors what the platform is about, and to let people know at all time what action is expected of them.

The overlay on your banner image is opaque. This way, we make sure the message is always forefront and clearly readable.

The banner will show different messages, depending on the status of each person. 

a) People who didn't register yet

They'll see a larger banner. Above, the title and subtitle explain who is behind this platform (you) and what the platform is about. Below, the number of already registered people is shown, together with a clear call-to-action: "Create an account". This call-to-action is repeated once more at the bottom of the home page.

The title, subtitle and banner image can all be set in the "Customize" section of your settings.

b) People who did register, but didn't complete their profile yet

After registration, people can still add a short description, a profile picture, ... For that reason, the banner tries to convince them to complete their profile.

This is a default message that cannot be changed.

c) Optional: A targeted action for people who completed their registration

Sometimes, you want to place one specific action in the spotlight, e.g. taking a survey on the platform or posting an idea in a specific project. For these cases, you can add a targeted action with both a sentence and a button leading to the page where this action can be taken.

Currently, you can't set this action yourself. Get in touch with if you would like to use it.

d) After all these steps: a fallback message for signed-in users

Once someone went through all steps above, he or she will see what we call the 'fallback' message, shown in the banner for signed-in user. This message has a default text (cf. image below) and aims at the general action of participating on the platform.

This fallback message is by default the one in the picture below. You can change the 'header text for registered users' in you "Settings" > "Homepage & Style"

3. The free space at the bottom

This space is situated below the overview of all projects. It can be created in the "Customize" section of your platform settings, 'the homepage customizable section'

As laid out in the 'home page story', its role is to demonstrate the value of your platform to your visitors. Tell them why they should take part in the actions on your platform.

The exact filling of it will largely depend on your context and own objectives. Still, below you'll find a fictional but relevant inspirational case.

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