Assigning input and ideas to your colleagues

Collaborate with colleagues on ideas inside a project

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Every idea can be assigned to a specific person within your organisation for follow-up. This doesn't only increase the efficiency of your internal collaboration, but it also makes sure that all input gets processed timely, resulting in happier citizens who will come back to the platform.

This support article shows you how to get there in 2 easy steps:

  1. Assign inputs to colleagues

  2. Follow-up on the work to be done

Assign ideas to colleagues

a) Default assignee

Every new idea on your platform will be assigned to a 'default assignee'. This default assignee is the first created project manager of the project in which the idea was posted, or, if there is no project manager, the first created administrator of the platform.

Do you want to change who the default assignee of a project is? Go to the 'Access rights' tab of that project. You can choose any administrator or project manager. You can change this at any time.

b) Assignment per idea

Also, the assignee of every individual idea can be changed at any time. This is done within the Input manager of the project. The person assigned to the idea will get notified, both by email and on the platform.

2. Follow-up on the work to be done

a) Personal overview in the Input manager

When going to the Input manager on your platform, it will always first show the ideas assigned to you. Switching the toggle above will show you all ideas that didn't receive feedback so far. Here you will also see the total number of ideas that need to be edited.

Do you want to see all ideas, or check in with another colleague? You can do all that through the dropdown filter on top.

b) Weekly email reminder

On top of that, all admins and project managers will get a weekly reminder in their inbox of the remaining ideas assigned to them that need processing.

An assigned idea will remain in this list until it has received feedback.

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