Changing the look and feel of your platform

Adapt your platform’s look and feel to your visual identity by changing the platform colors, logo and banner image.

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Having the right look and feel on your platform can often be a "make or break'" factor for users when deciding how much they like and support your platform. In this article, we'll go through the 4 main building blocks of building a consistent and distinct identity for your platform.

To start customizing the look of your platform, go to 'Settings' > 'Branding' in the admin panel. There you get an immediate overview over all the visual identity you can customize. You can change these settings whenever you want.



  • Use your organization's logo that is instantly recognizable by citizens and users (with or without text inside the logo), and make sure that it is not blurred or stretched. Read more about

  • The logo will appear on the left hand side of the navigation bar, as well as at the bottom of the homepage.

You can read more about changing your logo in this support article.

Home page banner and navigation bar

  • The banner image is the main image that's displayed in the background of the home page, and should be an image that reflects your community and/or area.

  • A few ideas for choosing an image for the banner could be:

    • An aerial shot of your area or local neighborhoods

    • A successful and/or recent town hall, public dialogue/event, citizen assembly, etc.

    • But we encourage you to choose any other image that you feel best represents your community because it's you that knows best!

  • You can also choose to add an image overlay colour (optional) which helps solidify the colour theme of your platform and/or to make the banner image standout less due to its low quality or if it's not important.

You can control how transparent the colour will appear by using the 'Image overlay capacity' slider. Adjust the opacity to balance between aesthetics and messaging, between the colour and image respectively.

* If you have a Premium subscription you can also customise the color of your platform's navigation bar. Contact our support via the built-in chat bubble and we'll help you out.

Custom font

If you have a Premium subscription you can also customize your platform’s font. Contact our support via the built-in chat bubble and we'll help you out.

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Do you have further questions or need help? Contact us via the built-in support chat bubble on your platform.

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