Polling offers you a simple way to learn how your citizens think about a certain opinion, idea, problem, solution, ...
You can create as many polls as you want and ask as many multiple choice questions as you need.
As polling is only accessible to registered users on your platform, you'll always have a means to gain deeper insights by linking polling answers to demographic user data.

What's a poll? And what is it not?

On your platform, the definition of a 'poll' is a participation method to use in a project phase (or in a project without timeline) that consists of 1 or more multiple choice questions.

If you want to apply other types of questions, build in conditional flows or add more depth, our 'survey' method will be the way to go.

Create a poll

1. Create a new project phase and select 'Poll' as participation method

2. Add questions to your poll

3. Add multiple choice answers for each question

When a question has no answers, you'll see a warning message (image below). As long as there are no answers, citizens will be able to see your poll but won't be able to take it.

Gain demographic insights

In this first version of the feature, this is a two steps process

Export the poll results

Export the user data

Link both in Excel via the 'User ID'

In both export files, you'll find the user ID in the first column. This way you can generate insights and create custom graphs that answer questions as:

  • What are the differences in answers between different generations?
  • Is there any difference depending on the neighbourhood someone lives in?
  • ...

The current version is the very first version of our polling feature. So don't hesitate to reach out with feedback or suggestions on how to improve it!

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