Our project templates allow you to browse the topics of your interest, get inspired, and add them to your platform in just one click. You can easily share your project with colleagues or other stakeholders, even if they don’t have admin rights. By learning from other cities’ best practices, you’re setting your project up for success. 

This article shows you how to use these templates.


You'll find a list of available templates on the projects overview page in your platform's back-office.

You can search for templates by using key words.

Once you've found a template relevant to you, clicking 'More details' brings you the template's information page. Here you'll find a short description of this type of project, together with an indicative timeline and project phases.


From a template's information page, you can easily share the link to it with colleagues. Simply click 'Copy link' on top, and the correct url will be added to your clipboard, ready for sharing in an email, chat message, internal document, ...

Important to know: even people without admin access to your platform will be able to use this link and see the template information, without having access to the rest of your platform's back-office. This way you can easily spar with any person inside or outside your organisation on what templates to use.


You can start using a template from both the template overview as from a template's information page. Clicking 'Use this template' will open a new screen where you can choose a name for your project and a starting date.

Don't worry, after you click 'Create a project' this new project will be added as draft and thus invisible to all. And you'll be able to change its name, start date and all other settings at any given time.

We're improving and growing our template list on a continuous basis. Completed an inspiring digital participation project that you want to share with other cities? Let us know and we happily share your best practice as a template!

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