It is possible to easily add a (personalised) official update to a long list of ideas and change their status. This is done by importing a structured excel sheet with all the ideas, with the official updates and new statuses added in separate columns.


Export all the ideas on which you'd like to comment with an 'official update' and/or of which you want to change the status.


Copy all IDs (column A) of these ideas and paste them in column A ('ID') of the template you can download below.

Copy the name of the project every idea belongs to (column L) and paste them in column B ('project') of the template.


Fill in: 

  • Your Feedback (column C): the official update that will be shown below to each idea. You can personalise this update by using {{first_name}} to have the citizen's first name inserted.

  • The Feedback Author Name (column D): this name will be shown to users and doesn't have to be an registered user on the platform. E.g.: 'Team Mobility - City of Nanaimo' or simply 'City of Nanaimo'

  • Feedback Email (column E): this is not shown to users but has to be the email of an already registered user on the platform.

  • The New Status (column F): you can choose any status that is in use on your platform. If you don't want to change the status, you can leave this column empty.


Forward the filled in template file to and mention the exact moment (day, time) the updates and status changes should be applied. Our development team takes care of the import. We need two days to plan this ahead.

Every user that has posted, commented on or voted on one of those ideas will get a notification of this official update and status change via e-mail. 

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