You integrated a Typeform survey on your platform with a lot of open questions ("What are your suggestions on....", "How do you feel about ....?", "Why would you change ....?"). 

The xls.file with the export of the results immediately gives you a detailed overview of all the answers linked to the person that gave the input. But maybe you'd also need a visualisation of all the answers to communicate in a more general way, i.e. in the form of word cloud.

The free word cloud generator we recommend is

Just import the text of the open questions into 'File' > 'Paste/Type text' and generate the word cloud that suits your needs. Change the shape, the colours* and the font according to your needs. 

To further customize and keep out irrelevant words out of your word cloud, do the following:

  • Create your wordcloud

  • Go to 'Word list' 

  • Export as csv

  • Open in Excel

  • Delete the words you don't want to have in there (irrelevant and/or only appearing 1 or 2 times)

  • save as csv

  • Import as csv

  • Check out your new wordcloud! 

Or, also easy, 2 things:

  • just use the slider - > + and decide how many words you'd like to have included

  • change the 'Gap size' to decide how much white space you want to leave between the words

*Tip: the (Google) font that corresponds best with the font of your platform = Lato. This comes in handy when you want to paste your wordcloud into your project or timeline description and you want it to be in line with the branding of your platform. 

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