Styling the basic map layer of your project
Choose the design of your basic underlying map layer
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By default, the maps on the platform use a simple and clear style, derived from Open Street Map. This is suitable for most situations and there's no need to add more information than required.

Sometimes it can be valuable to show extra information on the map, to provide citizens with relevant insights in a specific project. For example, to display sociodemographic information on the various quarters in the city, or show pins that represent bike sharing stations.

Every project map can display a number of extra layers. These layers can be composed of polygons, showing regions, or point markers. Citizens can toggle individual layers on/off themselves. Every layer needs a name and can be configured to be toggled on or off by default.

This is supported, and can be configured for every individual project. You can now configure this yourself in the project settings. Please read our support article on customising your project map.

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