Whether you generate dozens, hundreds or even thousands of ideas through your platform, it helps to have a good method to categorise, filter and find ideas that relate to specific topics.

This is possible through our topics functionality, which allow people to add topics (also often known as tags) to their ideas.

Every CitizenLab ideation project comes with a list of pre-defined "default" topics that people can select from before they submit their idea. You can filter ideas based on these topics in the Ideas page, or see how many ideas you've generated per topic in the Dashboard.

You can specify whether you want to enable Topics and whether Topics are an optional or required field in the Idea Form tab in your Project Admin Panel.

If you would like to customise your topics list (add new topics, delete existing topics, or re-order the topics in the idea form), you can do this in the Admin Panel. This is a two-step process:

1. Add new topics in your Settings

In your Settings page, you will see a tab called Topics Manager - this is where you can add new custom topics to your platform. The topics must be added here before they can be added to individual projects!

2. Customise your list of topics for each project

You can specify the topics that are displayed for each of your ideation projects by going to the Manage Project page. There is a tab called Topics - here, you can add, delete and re-order the topics for this project.

Note: if you delete a topic from the project, ideas that already have been tagged with that topic will keep those tags. You can remove the tags manually in the Idea Manager tab, or if you wish to delete all reference to the topic from all of your projects, you can delete it from the Settings panel in the Admin panel.

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