Assigning the right project managers

Distribute responsibilities internally. Each project can have its own manager

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It isn't necessary to only count on the platform admins to get the most out of your projects. Welcome your project managers on board, who can take ownership of the setup, the moderation and analysis of individual projects.

Who could be a project manager?

  • resident ambassadors leading moderation for their neighbourhood

  • colleagues from other departments who want to gain insights from participant input on projects in their thematic scope (e.g. urban planning or mobility)

  • partners who are helping to set up the participatory process for a specific project, and more

You can assign a different (and multiple) project managers for each project. That person would only have access to his or her project. A project manager can use his or her own profile or create a separate profile for their role.

In this article you can read about how to assign different roles and what tasks these roles can execute.

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