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To create advanced surveys for your projects, CitizenLab offers you access to a Premium account with Premium functionalities of Typeform. We strongly recommend you to use Typeform, as our platform integration allows you to link your user registration data with the survey results. You can also download the Typeform survey data directly from your platform, which is not possible with Google Forms, Enalyzer or any other survey tool you can embed on the platform.

These features include:

  • unlimited Typeform surveys

  • unlimited questions

  • change colours and background

  • unlimited Logic Jumps

  • take out Typeform branding

  • custom Welcome and Thank You screen

  • add hidden fields to fully integrate surveys with your participation platform, and link the results to your user registration data on the platform

How do you get access to the Premium Typeform account?

  • Next we will send you an invitation to access your Workspace. After accepting the invitation, the e-mail address you forwarded us will receive access to a Workspace that will be given the name of your organisation. In that Workspace you can create as many surveys as you like.

Remark: We only grant access to 1 e-mail address per Typeform Workspace. Please feel free to share this e-mail address with your colleagues and team members to access your Typeform account.

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