If you’d like to collect survey data via your platform, you can do so by embedding a Typeform, Google Forms or Enalyzer survey into a project page on your platform.

1. Choose a Survey tool and create your survey

You have the option to choose from 3 different tools: Typeform, Google Forms and Enalyzer.

We strongly recommend you to use Typeform, as our platform integration allows you to link your user registration data with the survey results. You can also download the Typeform survey data directly from your platform, which is not possible with Google Forms or Enalyzer.

Your CitizenLab plan comes with a subscription to a Typeform Pro account. In this article, you can read how to gain access to your free Typeform Pro Workspace, where you can set up surveys and manage the results. Read this article for more information on how to create and embed your Typeform survey.

With Google Forms and Enalyzer surveys, you will need to create your own account and manage the data from that account. We only provide the support as explained in the following articles:

2. Set up your survey project (phase) on the platform

To set up a survey, create a new project (with or without a timeline) or a new phase in the timeline of an existing project.

You can then specify the participation method for that project (phase). Select “Create an advanced survey.”

You will then be prompted to select which Service you would like to use: Typeform, Google Forms, or Enalyzer, and to input an “embed URL.” Here's where you can find the Embed URL for each of the different survey tools:

1/ Typeform

2/ Google Forms

3/ Enalyzer

The embed URL is essentially the link to the survey that you’ve created in your Typeform, Google Form or Enalyzer account.

You do need to have your survey link ready when creating your project - it cannot be left blank and added later. If you don't want to publish your survey just yet, you can put your project on "Draft" instead.

If you make changes to your survey after embedding the link, those changes will automatically be reflected in the survey on your platform.

3. Link user registration data with your survey data (only possible with Typeform)

When a registered user takes a Typeform survey, you can automatically add either their email or their user ID to the survey results, by including Hidden Fields when creating your survey. These hidden fields automatically add the user’s registration data (email or user ID) to the survey results. Read more on how to include hidden fields in this support article.

Need help or support? Don’t hesitate to get in touch via support@citizenlab.co.

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