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Updating the settings of your automatic email notifications
Updating the settings of your automatic email notifications

Define which automated emails people should or should not receive from your platform.

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Your platform sends out automated emails to inform people about what's happening. This other article sets out what these emails are and do. As an admin, you can define which emails people should or should not receive. The key is to strike the right balance between keeping people informed and convincing them to remain engaged versus overloading them with email notifications. This article outlines how you change these settings.

To manage your platform's notifications, go to the 'Automated' tab in the 'Emails' section of your platform. There, you'll find a full overview of each type of notification that the platform is sending out. The title indicates both when it is sent out and who will receive it.

By switching the toggle off or on, you can disable or enable a specific notification. Disabling will make sure no-one will receive this email notification anymore from now. Enabling means they will receive it, unless they individually indicated they don't want to receive it, on the page with their personal settings:

Some toggles can't be switched off. These notifications are the ones that are critical for the proper functioning of the platform. For example, the password reset notification can't be switched off. Otherwise, people wouldn't be able to reset their password.

You can now freely decide which email notifications people should or should not receive!

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