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Embedding your Google Forms survey in a project (phase)
Embedding your Google Forms survey in a project (phase)
Getting and embedding your Google Forms survey in the platform
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A good way to ask for the opinion of the visitors of your platform is using surveys. You can add a survey on your platform in both projects with timeline and projects without timeline.

  • Project with timeline: choose 'Survey' as participation method in a timeline phase

  • Project without timeline: 'Survey' is the overall method in this project

You can read this article on the general set-up of a survey project.

Have you chosen Google Forms as your survey tool? Here are the steps you need to follow to embed your survey into the platform.

Getting the Survey Embed URL

In your Google Forms Survey, you can find the embed URL by clicking the “Send” button for your survey. You will be directed to a form where you specify where you would like to send your form. Select the tab labeled with a < > icon and copy the “Embed HTML” link.

Important: you do need to edit this link slightly by deleting the first part of the link that includes the text <iframe = src=" and deleting the last part of the link (starting from " width=).

(the first part (<iframe = src=") and the remaining part (starting from " width=) are removed)

Unfortunately, contrary to Typeform, Google Forms does not support passing of custom variables to embedded surveys. This means that

  • Typeform allows us to invisibly track the email of users when they are logged in on the platform while taking the survey. Google Forms doesn't allow us to link your survey data to your user registration data on the platform.

  • Google Forms survey results are not directly accessible on the platform.

TIP: When using opinion scales in Google Forms, try to limit it to 6 options (e.g. from 0 to 5) to obtain an optimal mobile experience for your survey.

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