Creating a general admin profile

Use a general admin account to communicate with participants and post input in your projects.

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For certain projects, you might want to post input or leave comments with a general admin profile. For instance, if you set up a project where participants can only vote for and comment on content that is provided by your city or organization, it is best to do this with a general admin profile.

If you create a general admin profile, you can choose the name that will be visible to participants. When a general admin profile is used, it should be clear to participants that the organisation behind the platform is responding, commenting or contributing.

What do participants see on the platform?

How to create such a general admin profile?

  1. Choose an email address that you can easily share with colleagues. For instance communication@..., participation@.... or moderator@...

  2. Sign up to create a new account. Participants will only see what you enter under 'First name' and 'Last name' in your profile. Good examples that you can use here are 'Moderator [Your city/organization]', 'Platform Admin' or just the name of your city or organization.

3. If you go to 'My Settings' in the top right corner on the platform, you can also change your profile's picture.

4. When you're logged in with this account, you can now post input and leave comments on the platform with your admin name.

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