Finding ways to connect and unite with our clients, partners, and each other is very important to us. And we heard you: being able to interact and learn from like-minded professionals would be immensely valuable!

That's why we've created our new CitizenLab Community Platform. A place for our clients to share experiences, connect with, and learn from other pioneers, all the while getting to know the ins and outs of the CitizenLab platform.

What can you find on our community platform?

  • Forum groups where you can interact with other clients, ask (product) questions, share best practices and lessons learned, and help each other out. Don’t worry, our support channels are still alive as well, and will remain our primary go-to place for any support or product issues.

  • A knowledge base of resources to get inspired and learn about participation and the platform. For now, we’ve added all our guides, and will start adding tutorials soon!

  • A product roadmap and a feature request page to help you discover what’s new on the platform and what we have planned for the future. Please feel encouraged to leave your feedback, post and vote on new product feature requests, and help us build the future of online participation and e-democracy.

The CitizenLab community will provide you with plenty of inspiration and the opportunity to learn new things. See what other people are doing with their CitizenLab platform, find answers to your burning questions, dive into all things CitizenLab and beyond, and help inspire others with your ideas and experiences too.

What are the perks?

There’s a lot coming to CitizenLab in 2021. From new feature releases to new events and integrations. As part of the community, you’ll be the first to know about it. Plus, you’ll:

  • Network with like-minded people and share what's working for you

  • Find out tips and tricks from others to help you unlock the full potential of your CitizenLab platform.

  • Learn more about real-life use cases and how people are setting up and managing projects.

A place for the wins, the fails, and to lift each other up

This community is a two-way collaboration, between the CitizenLab team and clients, and between clients themselves. Want to share learnings about your latest win or fail? Have an idea for a new feature or integration? We’re all ears. Need help with a platform feature or want some tips on how to best engage your users? We've got your back.

Our community is also:

  • Supportive. We’re in this together, so we all contribute to answering each other's questions and in uplifting one another. Don’t fret — our Knowledge base, email, phone and chat support are still alive as well.

  • Connected. Our community connects members with each other. This connectivity leads to inspiration, progress, and a deep sense of belonging. This is a safe haven to nerd out on all things related to participation and CitizenLab, and devise new solutions together.

  • Meaningful. Our community brings us one step closer towards building long-lasting relationships. At the end of the day, this is all about you. You’ll lead this community platform and guide its journey.

How do I become part of the community?

Joining the community is easy. Just sign up on the community platform to get started. Ask a question, post your input, join the conversations that are happening in our forum, and find the knowledge and inspiration you’re looking for. The more interaction, the merrier!

Without your participation, enthusiasm, awesome ideas or questions, this community simply won’t thrive.. So, join us in our new community. Share your questions and knowledge, and let’s help each other grow. 🙌

Hope to see you on the platform soon!

Is there anything you are missing on the community platform? Let us know your feedback and ideas by sending a message to

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