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Adding a language to your platform
Adding a language to your platform

Simply add as you need and change whenever you want

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Do you want to make your platform available in more than one language? This article explains how you can easily turn your platform into a multilingual one, adding as many languages as you want.

To add a language to your platform, go to Settings > General > Languages, where you will find a box like the one below. Simply click on the small "down arrow" on the right of the box to see a list of all the currently available languages.

Note: the language that appears on the furthest left will be the default language of your platform.

Note: This does not mean that the platform will automatically translate your content and posts into the other languages. You will still have to manually translate the titles and description of your projects in the languages you've added, so make sure to only add languages you are able and willing to translate to. By clicking on the buttons right above the fields that can be filled in, you can enter the different languages. The button turns green when something has been added.

Can I provide translations for certain projects only?

Yes, you have the option to publish certain project with descriptions in only one language, and others with multiple translations. When you add a language to your platform, it will require you to provide a manually written translation of your project title in each of the languages you've chosen (all languages must turn green), but not the description.

However, if a user is in another language setting and there is no manual translation of the project description written by the admin, the user will only see the project description in the language you have written it. Therefore, we highly encourage you to publish projects in all the languages as soon as possible to include everyone and ensure fair transparency.

For translating the title, you have the option of:

  1. Copy and pasting the direct title in the original language into the text box for the other languages

  2. Use other translation softwares (e.g. Google Translate, DeepL) for a simple translation

Note: It is currently not possible to hide certain projects in 1 or more languages. To allow for inclusive participation, all projects will always be displayed in all added platform languages.

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