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Creating and registering your account on the platform is the first step in being able to fully participate on the platform, allowing you to leave comments, interact within projects and submit your input.

Data visible to other users on the platform

When you create your account, you will have your own profile page which can be viewed by other platform users (registered and non-registered). They can only see your name, profile picture (recommended but optional), the date you've joined, and any public comments or submissions you've made - nothing more. On project pages, other users can see the submissions or comments you've made the same way you can see what submissions or comments they've left as well.

Data visible to platform admins

Alternatively, platform admins are the people that manage and run the platform, and therefore also have access to other data provided by you on the platform, for instance in the registration process.

All your personal data are subject to the privacy policy which you agreed to when you first register your account. You can find this at anytime by going the bottom of the page and click on "Privacy Policy".

You can also review and change your cookie settings (the trail of data "crumbs" you leave behind as you interact with the platform), which changes the type of data the platform can collect from you.

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