Choosing Primary & Secondary Colors

Define the look of your platform and keep it user friendly

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Having the right primary & secondary colors on your platform is more important than you might think for multiple reasons. It reflects and defines your platforms brand & identity, makes the platform welcoming and visually pleasing, and ensures information is easy to read for users.

Which color appear where on the platform?

You can change the settings of these color options in your admin panel, by going to 'Settings' > 'Customize'.

Which combination of colors should I choose?

The name of the game is contrast and simplicity. Although you may already have a few colors in mind that reflect your organization's brand and identity, only pick the most relevant and suitable ones.

  • Main/primary color - This is the defining color of your platform. It should be a shade of either Red, Blue or Green.

  • Secondary colors - It can be either the same as the primary color OR another color that is complementary to the primary color. Using the diagram below, based on your primary color, you can choose any color that is opposite of it on the color wheel.

    What are complementary colors? What are some examples? - Quora

  • For text - Pick either black or a dark shade of another color (e.g dark grey, dark blue, dark red).

  • For overlay - We recommend keeping it the same color as your primary color to build a consistent and visually pleasing look to the homepage.

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