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Ideas are the building blocks of any greater community and reflect what each member is capable of offering back to the community. You may find that when there are a lot of great ideas it can be hard to go through it all. This is where having the right default sorting mechanism can help users find ideas that are most relevant to their needs and at a particular time.

Ideation projects are the most popular form of engagement with communities. On our platform, they are shown as either: cards with a title and image OR pins on a map - depending on the project.

Although ideas are searchable, there are a number of ways to filter and sort the ideas and/or inputs that you see on the page to fit your liking and purpose:

Sorting Mechanisms:

  • Trending - For finding ideas that are on the rise and getting traction amongst your community.

    • There are a multiple of variables that are taken into account (e.g. number of votes, activity, engagement, recent)

  • Random - A computer-randomised arrangement of ideas (same for all users) that changes each day.

  • Most Voted - Finding ideas by the number of votes received, taking into account the ratio between up-votes and down-votes.

  • Most Recent

  • Oldest

  • Tags - Allows you to apply multiple filters for ideas based on a particular tag, category or neighbourhood

    • The sorting mechanism (i.e. 'Trending', 'Most Voted') can still be used simultaneously with the tag filter(s) applied.

Admin's Perspective:

  • When you first create a project to 'Collect Input and Feedback', you can set a default setting to the way in which inputs are sorted. However, user's will still have the ability to sort by the other categories by clicking on the dropdown button as shown from the user's perspective below.

User's Perspective:

Do you have any questions or need help? Don't hesitate to send a message to support@citizenlab.co!

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