The benefit of having a digital platform for public engagement lies in being able to see everything that's being said and efficiently engage with your community. The Activity page is there to help you quickly check all new input that has been added to your platform, including posts and comments. You can also mark posts as being 'seen' so that others know which inputs still need to be processed.

This page is an extremely useful place for you to:

  • Keep up to date and in-tune with what people are saying

  • Respond to user's ideas, comments and proposals - ensuring the platform is active (which is especially important in the eyes of users)

  • Review and analyse inputs (Eg analysis of community proposals)

  • Moderate content & discussions - quickly finding and managing inappropriate language and behaviour on the platform

How can I make full use of this page?

There are 3 features that you can make use of:

  • Seen/Unseen

    • You can tick the checkboxes on the left for each input to mark it as 'Seen' or 'Unseen'. By doing so, you can keep track of which inputs have been responded, monitored or reviewed for your own use.

    • You can redo an action (e.g Seen -> Unseen) by going to the 'Seen' "pile" of 'Seen' inputs, and ticking the checkbox again.

  • Content Warnings

    • Our Natural Language Processing (NLP) system automatically detects any inappropriate speech made on the platform (in our available languages). By proactively keeping track of indecent speech and behaviour, this helps ensure the platform remains a protected space for constructive dialogue.

  • Search / Filters

    • You can also filter inputs by certain projects and the type of input (comment, post, proposal) to quickly find the relevant input you're looking for.

    • Alternatively, you can use the search bars to find specific inputs (post, comments, proposals) that you may remember by typing key words.

Note: The activity tab can only be used for ideas and proposals that have been inputted on the platform itself.

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