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Using project folders to group different projects
How to manage and structure your project folders
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With many projects going on, organising them into folders can help provide clarity by giving a clear structure of the different things going on, and where they fall into place.

Structuring Folders

There are many ways that you can use folders to manage your projects, and it all starts with re-imagining why they're used in the first place. Below, we've provided some examples and ideas for how you can use them:

  1. Organising multiple methods into 1 folder

    In situations where you have a project where you want to utilise more than 1 engagement method (e.g. surveys and polls and participatory budgeting), you can create multiple projects and categorise them under 1 folder. Therefore, the "folder" then represents the "main project", with each "project" now representing each engagement method used instead.

  2. Organising by policy areas, themes, or districts

    You can also use folders to organise your projects by certain policy areas, themes or neighbourhoods. For example, you could organise your platform with projects under broader "project umbrellas" such as Health & Safety, Education, Environment & Sustainability, Transport, etc. Alternatively, you can also create folders to store all projects related to certain districts. This way, it makes it easier for both you and users to know what you're working on, and easily learn more about it.

  3. Ideas for alternative uses of projects and folders

    Although projects are useful for collecting input on new ideas and proposals, this doesn't mean they can't be used for other reasons. For example, projects can also be used as dedicated spaces to collect feedback on public services, or spaces to engage community-centred research to commission and explore local issues. At the end of the day, projects and folders are just canvases and templates for you to paint and create your own platform - so don't be afraid to experiment!

    Example of project folders from an admin's perspective

Folder Rights

You can also invite people to help manage your folders (and the projects within them) by clicking on the project folder and going to 'Permissions'. Then simply add their emails into the textbox to make them 'Folder Managers'.

Folder managers can edit the folder description, create new projects within the folder, and have project management rights over all projects within the folder. However, they can not delete projects and they do not have access to projects that are not within their folder.

Notes on current functionality:

  • You can't have folders within folders.

  • Folders don’t have timelines

  • Folder cards are not shown the same as other project cards on the project homepage (does not give a time indication or the number of comments and participants)

  • Folders cannot be custom styled for a department or project

  • You cannot create smart groups of people who have participated in a folder, you need to select all projects that are in the folder

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