Having a compelling project folder title and description is essential in ensuring that your users know what the project is all about, and most importantly, why it matters to them and how they can participate.

Tips & tricks to write engaging project copy

  • Make sure your title is simple, clear, concise and includes keywords.

  • Utilise bold sub-headings to make it easy for users to keep track of what they're reading

  • Structure your project descriptions by:

    • Purpose

      Why should users care? How does it benefit users?

    • Context

      Why is it relevant and important now? What's the history behind the planning of this project?

    • Call to Action

      Now what? What should users do? Always leave a few sentences at the end (or at the start) to suggest ways that users can take action or stay engaged with the platform. (Sometimes one or two lines can be all you need)

  • Make sure your captions and descriptions aren't too short that users are uninformed, or too long that it's tiring for users to read through. If not, it can be easy for your message to get buried by a sea of information that users have to deal with.

  • It all boils down to answering these 3 crucial questions : What? So What? Now What?

Do's & Don'ts



Write clear and concise titles with understandable keywords

Copy & paste a title that's too long and filled with unfamiliar terms

Include essential project details

Overfill the page with unstructured information

Provide suggestions on how users can take action or what to expect

Give too little information leaving users unsure about how to participate and unsure about what to expect next

Utilise diagrams and other visuals to explain complex processes and concepts

Leave images that are blurry or in the wrong size (too big or small to read)

Attach relevant briefing documents for additional reading

Expect all users to download and go through briefing document. Summarise or tease the information in those documents and include it in the description.

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