To copy input, projects and folders on the platform, contact us at where we will help you in copying projects and inputs. At the moment, we are unable to copy folders as a whole but we can copy all the projects included within it individually (you can then re-arrange them into your own folders afterward). You can use this to copy a project multiple times and using them as templates for other projects, saving valuable time and resources when launching a project!

When copying projects, this includes:

  • Project settings and descriptions

  • Project images and files

  • Timeline and phase configuration

  • Events

  • Permissions

  • When include ideas is checked, also ideas (including images, files and the phases assigned to them), votes, comments, participants (users are always anonymized) and baskets

However, this does not include:

  • Custom fields filled in by users (e.g. gender, birthyear etc.), so watch out if you want to keep a nice dashboard!

  • Ideas will lose their tags

  • Idea statuses of all ideas will be reset to proposed; if the proposed idea status is not present on the target platform (e.g. custom idea statuses) and include ideas was checked, the copy will fail

  • Assignees and default assignees (i.e assigned project/folder managers)

Note: A new slug (the last part of the project URL) can be specified. If not specified, the original slug is retained. A number of days can be specified to shift all timestamps towards the future (e.g. publishing dates, timelines, registrations).

Do you have any questions or need help? Don't hesitate to send a message to!

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