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Keeping your platform up to date, ensuring new projects are published accordingly and old projects are archived can be useful in helping users focus on the most recent and relevant projects - driving engagement and activity on the platform. You can choose to change the status of particular projects (whether in a folder or not), or an entire folder of projects all at once.

Changing publication status

  1. Go to the Project Section and click 'Manage' on the project folder OR 'Edit' the individual project you want to archive.

  2. For Project Folders, go to the 'Settings' sub-tab and simply change the publication status to 'Archived'. or 'Published'. (Make sure to click 'Save Changes' at the bottom of the page after every round of edits)

  3. For Individual Projects, change the publication status at the General Settings sub-tab (and again make sure to save changes!).

Can you have published folders & archived projects?

Yes, you can archive specific projects within an unarchived folder, (draft or published) in which they will simply labelled and appear on the project folder page, as shown below. It also works vice versa - a published project can still be found even if it's kept under an archived folder, as archived folders are still visible on the platform.

Note: Archived projects and folders can not be hidden from the platform but will be closed from user input and labelled as archived (as shown above). This is good for ensuring transparency as well as to allow users to acknowledge previous efforts and projects you've done!

Top Tips

  • When archiving a project, it's important to explain why a project has been archived. Go beyond stating that the project deadline has passed, and provide justification as to why it's no longer pursued.

  • If a project needs to be hidden, change the status to 'Draft' to make it hidden, as archiving a project only makes it inactive.

  • Changes to projects are reversible and can be made anytime, by following the steps above. Just make sure to click 'Save changes' at the bottom of the page after each round of edits.

Do you have any questions or need help? Don't hesitate to send a message to support@citizenlab.co!

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