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Changing the URL of a project (folder) or input
Changing the URL of a project (folder) or input
Editing or shortening URLs for clarity and easy sharing
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Clear and short links are overlooked gifts in a world where links are being shared left and right. But more powerfully, they can also help clearly communicate to your users where they're going to land on the internet and for what purpose. This makes it both less painful to read on a post but also more reassuring when clicking on a link and joining the platform to participate.


By default the slug (the part after '/projects/') is the title of the project. This can be changed in the back-end of the project. Under "General" you can change the slug of the URL.

You can also change this for folders. In the back-end of a folder, go to "Settings" and fill in you desired slug under "URL".

This is not possible for ideas.

"Locality and language part" or the URL

Because we offer different languages on the platform, the "locality and language part" or the url is necessary ('/en-CA/' or '/fr-BE/).

However, when sharing the url you can remove the "locality and language part" of the url.


  • You can leave out the locality and language when sending the url. However, it will reappear when they arrive on the website page.

  • You can not delete the "/project/" or "/folder/" section on the url.

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