Although surveys are useful and efficient ways to gather feedback and input from users and the community, people can misuse this to spam their opinions which can be akin to taking up space or discussion time, as it prevents other people's opinions from being fairly reflected.

Do take note that from the user's perspective, there is no formal restriction or message to inform users that they have already responded or directly block them from responding multiple times. due to However, this article will explain work-around solutions to overcome this problem.

Pro Tip: You can write explicitly in the project description that survey results will be cross-checked and verified, and that multiple responses will be deleted to deter potential spam responses.

There are two ways of setting up a survey on your platform, which you have the option of choosing when you first create the survey. Depending on which service you choose, the technical ways of preventing spam responses will differ.

If you're using Typeform:

  • First read our article here on how to embed your Typeform survey in a project (phase).

  • You need to embed a Typeform survey onto a page with cookies that does not allow the respondent to view the Typeform survey more than once. This requires some basic coding skills but Typeform themselves have already provided a handy guide as well as the code itself.

If you're using Google Form:

  • Click on Settings (gear) button on the top right hand corner

  • Check the box to "Limit to 1 response" as shown below. Take note that this requires users to sign in with a Google account, and therefore need to create one if they don't have one already.

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