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What data can you export from your platform?
What data can you export from your platform?

How to export the different types of data collected on the platform

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Having the platform gives you the advantage of collecting more and better data on your users to ultimately understand them better. This article will outline the different types of data collected on the platform which can be exported, and explain how you can do exactly that.

  1. Invitation data

    • By going to the Invitations > 'All Invitations' tab on the admin panel, you can also export the list of all the people and users have invited onto the platform into a single Excel spreadsheet. This will also generate unique invitation codes which allows you to send out invitations (offline or online) to certain groups in your community.

  2. User registration data

    • By going to the Users tab on the admin panel, you can either export the data of all users, of all users of a manual or smart group, or a manual selection of individual users.

    • This will export data such as their User ID, basic registration information, URL to their profile, account creation date, etc.

  3. Workshops data (chat data = exception)

    • Once you're done with the workshop, you can export all of the input that was provided through the polls, the Q&A cards, and the input conclusions step.

    • Simply click on the icon labelled "Export Data" on the top panel, and it will automatically download an Excel spreadsheet with one tab for each step/phase in your workshop.

    • Note: The exception is that you can not export chat data from your workshops.

  4. Input (Posts/Ideas, Comments)

    • By going to the 'Input Manager' tab on the admin navigation bar on the left, you will find that you also have the option and ability to export data on selected posts, including comments from their selected post, into an Excel file.

  5. Survey and poll data

    • You can also export data from polls by simply going to the 'Poll' tab on the poll phase of your project and clicking on the Export Data button.

    • Note: At the moment, there are no ways to select and export data from multiple polls from multiple projects at once.

    • For surveys, there will be an option to export the data from the survey tool that you've chosen (i.e. Typeform or Google Forms).

    • When using a Typeform survey, you can export the survey results in the Admin Panel of your project from the ‘Survey’ tab of that phase. The survey results export contains data such as:

      • Submitted at: Day and time the user submitted his or her answers

      • Started at: Day and time the user opened the first survey question

      • 1 column per survey question

      • Hidden fields, if you have activated them (which automatically captures the User ID and/or the name of the survey participant)

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