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Typeform is a good way to conduct an advanced survey in your project. In this article you'll find some tips & tricks to get more out of your Typeform surveys and to make sure that you do not find out afterwards that you have missed something that could be of value.

These tips and tricks include:

  • generating and sharing a report directly from Typeform

  • turn of the Typeform branding

  • creating a bilingual survey

  • change the language of your survey

  • edit the message when you closed your survey

Sharing a report

When you have gathered the responses you need, you can check the results in Typeform. When you click on 'Results' in the Typeform-builder you can check out the 'Insights', get a 'Summary' or check out the 'Responses' to export them to an excel file.

Under 'Summary' you can click on 'Generate a report'. You'll then get good overview of the results and also a link so you can easily share the report internally or externally.

Note: When sharing the link, no password is required. So if you ask for personal contact details in the survey for instance, these will be accessible if you have the link. So make sure you only share the report through the link, if the results are anonymous.

Typeform branding

When creating a survey, Typeform automatically adds their logo to your survey. You can easily turn this off in the builder. When you click on the little sprocket you can switch of the branding next to "Typeform branding"

Bilingual surveys

If you platform is bilingual and you want to conduct a survey, the survey also needs to be bilingual.

With the combination of hidden fields and question branching you can make sure the users of your platform will see the survey in the same language that they chose on the platform.

Be sure to read this support article where you can read all about creating a bilingual survey.

Change the language of your survey

The builder of Typeform is in English by default. The buttons and text that Typeform automatically adds to your survey are also English by default. You can easily change this to your preferred language in the builder. When you click on the little sprocket the first option you'll see is the language. You can scroll through the languages to see which are available for your survey.

Closed survey message

In Typeform you can set a closing time on which the survey will automatically closed. This can come in handy when you don't want to close a phase in a project yet for instance.

When a user scrolls to the part where the survey is embedded a message will be shown stating that the survey is closed. You can edit this message easily in the Typeform builder. First click the little sprocket. Then click on "Access and scheduling" followed by switching on "Show custom closed message". You'll then have the option to create your own title and description or go with the ones that Typeform already created.

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