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If you platform is bilingual and you want to conduct a survey, the survey also needs to be bilingual.

With the combination of hidden fields and question branching you can make sure the users of your platform will see the survey in the same language that they chose on the platform.

First you need to make sure that all the questions are created in all the languages that are available on your platform. If you have English and French users for example, you'll first need to create all the English questions and then add the French questions. If you have 10 questions, the first 10 are English followed by the same 10 questions in French.

When the questions are created, click on 'Logic' in the builder. Under 'Simple' you'll find 'Branching and calculations'.

In the screen that pops up now the first rule is 'Starting logic based on hidden fields'. Here you need to fill in the following:

  • if '@language'

  • is equal to 'fr'

  • then jump to [select the first French question]

  • In ALL other cases jump to [select English question]

NOTE: the language code should be the same as the one shown on the platform but with lowercase letters.

To make sure the English users don't end up in the French questions you need to set up a logic jump at the end as well. In the Question branching screen scroll to the last English question and fill in the following:

  • Always jump to: 'Default end' (or the end that you created yourself)

You can use the same settings for the last French question if you create different endings for both languages.

Be sure to read this support article where you can read all about using question branching.

In this support article you can find all information about hidden fields.

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