Customising the navigation bar

Add, remove and customize the name of the pages in the navigation bar

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Admins can add, remove and customize the name of the pages to suit the community's needs and branding. You can configure the navigation bar to provide guidance in your community engagement and match it to your identity.

To get control of the navigation bar you can go to "Pages & menu" in the admin panel of your platform. You'll find a list of all the default pages.

You can click "Add page" to create a new page and click on "Add to navbar" to make it appear on the navigation bar. You can also remove the pages from the navigation bar by clicking on "Remove from navbar".

You can create as many pages as you wish, and you can add up to a maximum of 7 pages on the navigation bar to be visible to the public. 'Home' and 'All projects', are locked pages and cannot be removed. All pages except for "Home" can be renamed to match your community's identity.

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