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Use project filters to structure your projects
Filtering the projects by status tabs, geographic areas and tags
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Visitors to the platform can filter the projects by their status, geographic areas, or “Tags”. If your platform has multiple engagement projects, this solution allows the visitors to find relevant projects easier and you can guide them in engaging with different projects.

Status tabs

Projects will be filtered in the different tabs for ease of usage for the visitors. The visitors will be able to toggle between active, archived, or all projects and quickly access them.

When you put a project on 'Archived' in the admin panel, it will automatically move to 'Archived' on the homepage.


Visitors can filter projects below by selecting particular “Tags” and “Areas”. This helps visitors to filter only the projects that are applicable to particular “Tags”, “Areas” or combinations of both. Visitors can explore the projects they are interested in based on Tags or Areas with ease, find the projects quicker, and start engaging.

As an administrator, you can assign “Areas” and “Tags” to projects. To do this - visit Admin panel > Project > Edit > General. Under the “General” setting of a project, you can assign "Tags" or "Areas" that are relevant for the project.

Admin can define terminologies and add new items of “Areas” or “Tags” under the platform's "Settings". To do this visit admin panel > Settings.

Under "Tag Manager", you can set how should "Tags" in the front page filter appear and add new "Tag" items. As an example; "Tags" can be defined as Departments, Topics, Strategic initiatives.

Under "Geographic Areas" you can set how "Areas" in the front page filter appear and add new "Area" items. As an example' "Areas" can be defined as Neighbourhoods, Districts, Cities.

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