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There are several ways to participate in project on this platform, depending on the method the the platform administrator has chosen. The most common method is collecting input or feedback about a certain topic.

When you want to participate in such a project, you can either:

  • Post an idea and give direct input

  • Vote on someone else's input or on the suggestions made by the the platform administrator

  • Comment on someone else's input or on the suggestions made by the the platform administrator

Post an idea and give direct input

To post an idea or input , click on the button on the right of the screen that says 'Submit your idea' or 'Add a contribution/option/comment/project/question' (depending on how your input is called in the project).

After hitting this button the input form will pop up on your screen with fields to fill in like a title, a description and more information if necessary for the project.

In some projects you can add your input to a map and pin it on a specific location. In these types of projects you have 2 ways of submitting your input.

  1. You can follow the steps as described above and fill in coordinates or a street name under 'Location' in the input form.

  2. On the map click and hold on the location where you want to pin your input. A button will pop up with 'Submit your idea'.

When you can only vote or comment on input, you won't find a button to add a contribution or idea. Below you can read how to vote or comment on input.

Vote on input

When voting on input from others is enabled, you'll see a thumbs-up button. When you click on it you voted for that idea. In some projects down-voting is enabled. To down-vote you can hit a thumb-down button.

If you want to undo a vote, simply click on the thumb-up button again. number of times you can vote can differ and depends on the choices the platform administrator made.

Comment on input

When commenting on input is enabled, you'll see a speech bubble in each input. When you click on this bubble, the page of the input will show on your screen. When you scroll down to 'Comment' you can leave your comment. If you want to speak directly to the author of the post, you can tag them using '@' in your comment.

Find a certain post

You can use the search bar on the left above all the inputs to find a certain post.

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