Presenting and inviting people to your events
Are you planning a series of events and want to present them clearly and collect registrations? Here we explain how.
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Your platform allows you to add events in each project, which can also be displayed on the homepage of your platform and in the navigation bar at the same time.

Would you like to make your events a little more individual and at the same time collect registrations for various events on your platform? Then use our participation method! You can find it in your admin panel under "What do you want to do?" under all participation methods:

You can use this method to recruit volunteers for activities as well as to find participants for events. The advantage of this setting is that people can find out about all events on one page and register for the event with just one click. Participation is also directly displayed and accumulated for all participants.

As an admin, you can add as many events as you like in your admin panel and easily export a list of all participants with name and email address of all events as an Excel list.

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