Accepting an invite without the invitation email

Steps to follow when a user can't find his/her invitation email

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If you invite someone via email through the platform, they will need to use the link in the invitation to register on the platform, and it means they can no longer register directly via the platform. This helps to safeguard the accounts, for instance, by ensuring someone doesn't sign up using a different invitee's email address and gain access to the platform as an administrator.

Sometimes it happens that the person cannot find their invitation. In this case there are two options to help this person out.

  1. Send them their unique 'token' from the invite.

  2. Delete their invitation.

Send a unique 'token' from an invite

If you have send out an invite with specified actions, such as adding the people to a group or make them admin or project manager, using tokens is particularly useful when an invite is lost.

Each invite gets a unique token and that token can be used to accept an invite without the invitation email.

Retrieve the token

To get the unique token, click on "Invitations" > "All invitations" > "Export all invitations".

In the first column you'll find the unique token that is linked to each invite.

Look for the person you want to send the token to and copy the token.

Send the right URL

Once you have the token you need to send the person in question a specific URL:

If you go to this page, a screen will pop up with a registration form. In the first field the token must be filled in.

After entering this unique token, the person should be able to proceed with their registration.

Delete an invitation

You can delete someone's invitation by clicking on the 'All invitations' tab and selecting the trash icon. This allows them to sign up directly via the platform again, or alternately, you can send them a new invitation and try again.

Important: If you selected certain options in the invite, such as automatically adding them to a group or making them admin or project manager, these settings will be lost for the deleted invites.

You cannot automatically delete old invitations in batch.

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