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To make sure your platform is instantly recognizable by citizens and users you can use your organization's logo. The logo will appear on the left hand side of the navigation bar, as well as at the bottom of the homepage. In this article we will explain how you can add a logo, what the right dimensions and format are and some additional information.

Adding a logo

In the admin panel, click on "Settings" > "Customize" and scroll down to "Logo". Click on the box to upload an image of your organisations logo.

Right dimensions & format

The height of the image you use for you logo should be at least 45 pixels, but preferably larger. It can be much larger as it gets downscaled automatically. Width can be whatever it needs to be to respect the aspect ratio of the logo.

The maximum size of the image you use for the logo is 10 MB.


We advice against using a lot of text in your logo. Because the image scales according to the screen on which the image is viewed.

The logo on the bottom of the homepage cannot be changed because it is linked to the logo that is shown on the left of the navigation bar. You can however add information to the bottom of the homepage where you can also add images. Go to "Pages & menu" > "Edit" next to "Home" > "Edit" next to "Bottom info section".

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