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Setting up your platform
Platform Launch Checklist ✓
Platform Launch Checklist ✓

Must-do's before you launch your platform

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After you have have defined the building blocks of your platform

You can now use this checklist before your platform goes live. We have broken down all of the important steps you should take upfront.

  • Note that some checks are highly recommended. We advise you to complete all these items before you launch your platform to ensure you have the best platform possible.

  • Most of these settings will always remain the same so make sure you think about all the potential future use cases.

  • Some of these steps will require you to work with our Support Team. You can easily contact using the chat bubble on the bottom right hand corner of your platform (make sure you are logged in).

Highly recommended



Customize your platform’s URL


Add your 'reply to'-email address

We don't process replies to automated emails so indicate where these message should be sent

Add your 'places of residence'

The 'geographic areas' are the areas that are relevant for your organisation

Finalize the user registration flow


Make sure to ask the relevant user information for all your projects during the registration process.

Customize the content of the different pages and policies

For example, you'll need to add your contact details.

Add your custom favicon

Simply go to

Link your platform to your Website

Add your url in the “General” tab of the “Settings”

Adapt your platform’s look and feel to your visual identity

Make your platform your own

Decide on what notifications you want activated

Define which automated emails users should (not) receive

Get access to your Google Analytics (GA) data

If you want link your platform with GA

* If you wish, you can stick to the url.

** Premium clients can add registration questions on project level.

You went over the Platform Launch Checklist and you are now ready to setup your first projects? Now check out:

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