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Project Launch Checklist ✓
Project Launch Checklist ✓

Must do's or highly recommended steps before you launch a project

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Then review this checklist before you go live, to make sure you haven't missed any important steps you should take upfront.

  • Note that most of the checks are mandatory. It's important you complete all of the items on this list before you launch your project to ensure you have the best project possible.

  • Technically you can launch your platform without taking the mandatory customization steps. You'd miss out on important possibilities to make your platform more engaging. We highly recommend you take all the steps before you launch your platform.




Double-check if all the user data relevant for your project is a required registration field

User info relevant for your project should be asked during the platform registration flow.

Customize your project tags and statuses

Grant access to the right groups of users

Also check if the info you need is asked during the platform registration flow.

Add a timeline to your projects and a description to each project phase

Don't leave the description of a timeline phase empty

Customize the Input Form for any ideation project

You can customize the way to collect input in an ideation project

Customize your map

You can change the zoom level of and add layers to the map that shows in your project

Enhance your project design with the Content Builder

Use flexible layouts, multi-media content and third-party embeds in your project descriptions

Double-check the automated emails

Define which automated emails people should or should not receive from your project

Allocate project responsibilities

Distribute responsibilities internally. Each project can have its own manager

Building your projects

Learn how to set up and manage projects and folders and discover the different participation methods you can use in your projects.

Before launching any project, make sure to double-check your platform is also launched correctly:

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