Customizing the Input Form
Through the input form builder, you get to determine exactly what you want to ask of your community, and how.
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In any ideation project: You can customize to way to you gather input (idea, project, comment, ...) from your community. And you can do so in the “Input form” tab of your project’s settings.

The input form builder is a powerful input collection tool. It offers ample customization options for your forms, incluing:

  • Default form fields: these are the fields/questions we suggest you make part of your consultation when crowdsourcing ideas/inputs. You can update the descriptions to provide needed context, and in most cases, you can make fields required or optional. Responses to these default fields will be public.

  • Custom form fields: if you are a Premium platform user, you will also be able to include additional fields or questions to the form: short and long text, single choice, multiple choice, linear scale, number and more. Answers to these fields will not be shown back to the user and the rest of the community upon submission. Only platform admins and project managers will be able to see submissions to custom fields.

  • Sections: you can customize the sections (include videos, text, pictures) to add context to your consultations, and equip your users with all the information they need to participate.

    • You can also drag/move entire sections to the position that makes the most sense for your consultation. Please, note these changes will not be reflected in the actual submission, only in the pre-submission form.

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