Customizing the banner image on top of the page

Create a great first impression and provide a coherent digital experience to your visitors

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Admins can customize the hero banner of the custom pages between three versatile & expressive templates with many customization options. The banners can help you create a great first impression and provide a coherent digital experience to your visitors.

To customize, click on "Pages & menu" in the admin panel. Then click on "Edit" next to the page you wish to edit.

For more information about how to create custom pages, please visit this article.

On this page, you'll find the different information sections of the page. Click "Edit" next to "Hero banner" to edit the banner.


You can choose from; Full-width banner, two rows banner & fixed ratio banner. These templates are visible on the Home page before logging in or registering. The Home page banner after logging in is fixed and behaves as a much narrower version of the other banners with an overlay in the primary colour of your platform. When using the fixed ratio banner the image isn't used after logging in, to avoid weird results caused by the narrow version of the banner.

Banner image

You can add a banner image that you wish to appear at the top of the page here. You can learn more about the right sizes and dimensions of images in this article. You can check how it would appear on different devices under 'Show preview'.

You can also add image overlay color on the image and customize the opacity of the color. The overlay is only available on the Full-width banner and the fixed-ratio banner and is mainly helpful if you want the banner text to stay readable on top of the banner.

Banner texts

These are the texts that appear on the image. You can edit what appears as a Header and as Sub-header.

For the Home page, you can customize different banner texts for registered vs. non-registered users.

This text can be used to make clear what the platform or project is for and to give a call to action.


You can add a button and a call to action on your banner. You can customize what appears on the button and where it leads to.

For the Home page, you can customize different buttons for registered vs. non-registered users.

This can be useful to direct users to a certain project you want to highlight or to a page with more information about the platform.

Avatar [On Home page only]

You can choose if you want to show the avatars of your users in the banner before logging in. If you enable this, the number of registered users and some of their profile pictures will be shown.

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